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Activism Alert: April 17, 2018 (5 Calls!)

The 5 Calls Newsletter

Your list of actionable issues that you can call your representatives about this week.

Clients and Attorney-Client Privilege

We're starting to see the drip-drip-drip of information from last week's FBI raid on Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Cohen acted largely as a "fixer" for his clients, making sure troublesome folks like Stormy Daniels got paid to quietly slip away from the limelight so his clients didn't have yet another scandal on their hands.

But he was also notorious for recording conversations that he had with other people. Of the people he may have recorded, he has clients subject to attorney-client privilege, and non-clients who have no such protection for their communications being used in a court of law.

This is notable today because Cohen's lawyer outed Sean Hannity, long-time Fox News Trump supporter, as one of Cohen's clients. Hannity denies this relationship, of course, but the only person who knows what was on all the recordings and documents that the FBI swept up is... Cohen and probably Cohen's lawyer.

As the pressure is applied to Cohen in this case, we should see  this steady drip of information about Trump and Trump's associated intensify!

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We Might Have the Votes to Protect Mueller

As the walls close in on Trump, he has taken to Twitter to lash out. His assault on the Russia investigation has intensified with Trump singling out Robert Mueller. Some Republicans have finally taken notice and will be hold a committee vote on a bill that would protect the special prosecutor.

Call to Protect the Mueller Investigation

Who Needs Science, This is Just NASA

The final vote to confirm Jim Bridenstine, (R-OK) as the head of NASA is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18th. With no scientific or engineering background, Bridenstine would be the first member of congress to lead the agency.

Call to Oppose Bridenstine for NASA

This is a War on the Poor

In mid January, the Trump administration released new guidance allowing states to impose work requirements for those receiving Medicaid. Since this policy change, 10 states have implemented new requirements.

Michigan residents: Your state may be next! A vote on SB 897 - a bill to institute work requirements for Michigan Medicaid recipients - is expected this week. Learn more here.

Call Your State: No Medicaid Work Requirements

Health Insurance is Not a Short Term Plan

Trump and the GOP continue to attempt to undermine the protections of the ACA. The latest effort extends the purchase of short-term junk insurance plans (which are not covered under ACA regulations) from 3 months to 1 year.

Call to Oppose Weakening the ACA

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