Making History Today!

July 2017

Activists in the Civil Rights Movement

September Challenge: Education Wordsearch

Enjoy this Word Search about African Americans and education! Look below the game to learn more about these names and words. 

September Word Search Names & Words

Woodson: Carter G. Woodson was an African American educator, scholar, historian and journalist. He founded Negro History Week, which later became Black History Month and was the first person to do scholarly research on African American history.

HBCU: Historically Black College and University. Most HBCUs were created after the American Civil War primarily in the former slave-owning states of the Confederacy. There are 107 HCBUs. The first  was founded in Pennsylvania Quakers in 1837 and called the Institute for Colored Youth, renamed Cheney University. The HBCUs allow admission by students of all races.

Brown Case: Refers to the iconic Brown v. Board of Education case, decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954.  The case, argued by NAACP lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, invalidated segregated public schools as violating the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

Bethune: Mary McLeod Bethune was an educator, activist and philanthropist. She worked to provide education to all African Americans, ensure voting rights for women and African Americans and encourage economic self-sufficiency for African Americans. In 1904, she founded Bethune-Cookman College, which is an historically Black college. You can find more information about Mary McLeod Bethune in the July issue of Making History Today!

Ida B. Wells: An educator, activist and journalist. Ida B. Wells fought against lynching and racial injustice in the southern United States. For more information, you can find an excellent article about Ida B. Wells in this issue of Making History Today!