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Activist Alert: Progressive Action Global Exchange (May 14)

Courtesy of the Progressive Action, Global Exchange.

Dear PAGE Activist,

President Trump made our world a much more dangerous place this week, as he withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this decision; the Department of State says that they don’t know when or if Iran will renegotiate the deal. The only groups that seem to benefit from the decision are countries and companies that benefit from war. We’ll be following this closely in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, back at home, the Trump Administration continues to target and crack down on activists. We’ve already highlighted the story of Alejandra Pablos, who was detained in retaliation for her immigration activism. Now we learn the story of Rakem Balogun,* who was arrested five months ago for speaking out against police brutality and violence against African Americans. Balogun, a father of three, was not allowed bail and lost his home while he was detained. Additionally, there is evidence that police are targeting minorities as they crack down on environmental protestors.

Finally, the cruelty of the Trump Administration seems to know no limits. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that immigration enforcement will separate parents and children in immigrant detention centers.

Please help us spread the word about PAGE, by forwarding this email to friends, family members, and like-minded acquaintances, where they can join our community by clicking on this link to our sign-up sheet.

As always, our actions are curated for US Americans abroad and global citizens. If you’re new to PAGE, get in touch with us at, or check out our website and updated toolkit.

In solidarity, 

PAGE Global Coordinating Committee



Priority Actions

1. Protect visa applicants. The US State Department is considering to rewrite its screening procedures by asking applicants to provide their social media profiles for the last five years. This would directly impact 14.7 million people per year and would be a threat to everyone’s privacy and basic rights. 

  • Submit a comment in opposition to these new plans. Send an email to Model email available here
  • Call your Senator and Representatives. The Leahy-Daines bill (S.2462) would place restrictions on searches and seizures of electronic devices at the border - call your Senator and tell them to support the bill. And the Adoptee Citizenship Act (H.R. 5233 and S. 2522) streamlines citizenship processes for certain immigrants. Call your Senators about Leahy-Daines and call both your Senators and your Representatives about the Adoptee Citizenship Act; use this site to look up their contact info. Scripts for calls available here.

2. Support net neutrality. This week we learned that Trump continues to sell off the Presidency to the highest bidder. AT&T and corporations paid millions to Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, to buy influence in the White House. AT&T’s blatant lobbying of the Trump Administration reminds us of the importance of protecting equal access to the Internet. Is it a coincidence that AT&T’s payments to Cohen happened during the same month that Trump nominated net neutrality opponent, Ajit Pai, to head the FCC?

  • Write your lawmaker and tell them you want net neutrality. Congress is voting on a measure to block the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, so it’s an important time to act!
  • Call your Senator. Here’s a list of Senators and their stated position on the issue; they need to hear from you!
  • Protect net neutrality at the local level. States and municipalities can fight back against the FCC: 1) States can sue the FCC, 2) State legislatures can protect net neutrality through legislation, 3) Governors can take executive action, and 4) Municipalities can create local broadband networks that preserve net neutrality. Check out these different actions to see which are best for your state.

3. Get behind the Poor People’s Campaign. The campaign is uniting tens of thousands of people across the country to challenge the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nation’s distorted morality. Check out their campaign here.

4. Block Gina Haspel. Haspel, Trump’s nominee for the head of the CIA, started torture program’s under the Bush administration and covered them up. She is rightfully facing tough questions during her Senate confirmation hearings and there is significant opposition.

  • Read up on Senators’ positions. Here is the latest whip count on how Senators are leaning. What are your Senators planning to vote?
  • Call your Senator using this helpful guide.

5. Join our Global Get Out the Vote Efforts! Join fellow US-Americans abroad to Get Out The Vote for November elections! 

  • Share widely with friends and on social media, along with a link to VoteFromAbroad.Org.  Don’t forget to use this form to organize and track the number of people you register to vote and tweet us @PAGEofdemocracy to tell us about your efforts, using #NotTooFarAwayToVote!
  • Primaries are kicking into full swing. Postcards for voters has put together a helpful list of primaries and ways that you can send postcards to voters in states with primaries happening soon. 
  • One of our favorite candidates, Stacey Abrams, has her Democratic primary for Georgia Governor on May 22. Check out her campaign!
  • The 2018 election is full of bold, exciting candidates; each week we feature one or two you should check out. Deedra Abboud is running for Senate in the state of Arizona. Deedra is a progressive candidate that is fighting for Medicare for All, improved education, and protections for immigrants. Here’s an interesting interview with her about her conversion to Islam and her work with CAIR.

** Thank you for your progressive action! **

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