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Activist Alert: 5 Calls (May 7)

Courtesy of Nick at 5 Calls

Spring Recess is ON

Congress is on recess this week for district work, which means it’s time for a town hall. Call to find out if your congressperson is holding an event near you, and then let the Town Hall Project know when it's being held.

Call to Find Your Town Hall This Week

Stacking The Courts

Right wing attorney Michael Brennan, nominated for the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, is scheduled for a final confirmation vote on Tuesday, May 8th. Brennan has implied conservative judges should only follow precedent if they agree with it, making him a dangerous choice.

Call to Oppose Brennan For Judgeship

Bring Mueller to the Floor

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a bill to protect Mueller from being fired. It is now up to Mitch McConnell to bring the legislation to the floor for a final vote.

Call to Protect Special Counsel Mueller

Stacking the Courts, Pt 2

Extreme anti-choice attorney Wendy Vetter has been nominated for a lifetime judgeship in the Eastern District Court. Vetter’s troubling views include believing abortion causes breast cancer and Planned Parenthood kills 150,000 women a year.

Call to Oppose Lifetime Judgeship for Vetter

Activist Alert: Progressive Action Global Exchange (May 14)

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