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Activist Alert: 5 Calls (June 20, 2018)

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Child Prisons & Lies

The American people can see the policy of splitting families up as they cross the border to claim asylum is a uniquely Trumpian move, despite public claims by his administration that try to make it seem otherwise.

This week, it's not only important that we push our representatives to take action on a cruel and racist policy of this administration, but we need to push back against the idea that the administration can openly lie to the public without any repercussions.

We feel so strongly about this issue that it's the only one we're including in this email.

Just one call this week. Make it count.

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Keep Families Together

Families crossing the border to escape persecution in their home countries are being split up, with children housed in former Walmart prisons and tent encampments. Parents are being deported without their children and without any idea if or when they'll ever see their children again. This must stop.

Call to Protect Child Immigrants

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