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Black Explorers: Going to the Congo!

We all know of famous European and white American explorers. But that is not the whole story. African Americans have been and continue to be great explorers. They faced hardships, struggles, and difficulties. Yet they persevered.  In this podcast, you will learn about a should-be famous African American named William Sheppard who explored the Congo. Born during slavery to free African Americans, William Sheppard ached to see the world. He traveled with missionaries to Africa where he learned the local Kuba language and culture and developed great friendships with the local people. (This was, of course, against the wishes of this missionary benefactors.) He also suffered malaria numerous times! But he persevered and became an activist in Africa and the United States, helping to free many Africans from the clutches of brutal colonialist regimes. His inspirational story will show that that life has no limits!