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Black Explorers: Adventures at the Mammoth Caves

The explorers in this podcast are a very special group!  Why? Three reasons: (1) They were born during slavery, (2) They had a unique set of skills, and (3) They lived at, mapped and explored the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. The Mammoth Caves is the longest underground cave system in the world. It contains more than 400 miles of vast chambers and complex passages. Today, Mammoth Cave National Park is a World Heritage Site.  This podcast will introduce you to the Mammoth Caves and the brave and skilled African Americans who explored the cave system. Their stories are all different but each story is full of inspiration and lessons to live by.  These are stories for the whole family to enjoy. You might even want to visit the Mammoth Caves and discover why they are still called "grand, gloomy and peculiar."