Welcome to the Wiki History podcast page. You will find great stories about African American history.  They are both inspirational and educational. You will learn history and how YOU can make history today and every day!

Black Explorers: Women taking the lead

As we heard in the previous podcast "(Going to the Congo"), African American men traveled far and wide in search of new sights and great heights. Their great explorer stories are not often shared or remembered.  African American women explorers faced (and continue to face) many difficulties. From misogynistic limitations, financial difficulties and physical hardships, African American women explorers have faced it all--and defeated them all!  In this podcast, you will hear the inspirational, true-life stories of African American women who faced their fears and reached new heights.  This is a great "listen and learn" for the whole family, especially young women and girls, that proves life has no limits--just opportunities.  What is YOUR Everest?